Your destiny

My doctor looked at me and said "Amber, if you want to have children, you need to start having sex..." 

I could hear my biological clock frantically ticking away...

tick-toc, tic-toc, tic-toc...

Hey There Lovely Lady, Have You Been In a Similar spot? Living Your Fate Rather Than Taking Your Destiny? 

Ready To Take Control Of Your Life Once And For All?  

Then Start By Taking The Destiny Survivor Challenge With Me!

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Sandy's Story

I was a single mother with a teenage son who was getting ready to graduate. I was good with God, had a career that I loved and thought I was better off alone than to risk dating again. Amber challenged me to face my past in regards to relationships. It wasn't easy...

I met someone that I couldn't imagine ever living without.

I never thought I would ever meet anyone that I could be this connected to. Only because I found myself --through working with Amber--was I able to put myself on the line. The dating line...

We were married on the one year anniversary of the day we met and we have never gone a day without seeing each other since that day. Today I am loved and spoiled by my husband. He's a good father to all of OUR children. There is no his or mine and I can't wait until we have grandchildren to spoil. 

I thought life was good until Amber helped me work through my issues to find out how good life could really be. 

I am so thankful that she got me out of my own way and helped me to make room for my new family.


Heroes aren't born.

They're built.

Hey Daughter of Destiny,

Could I have permission to have some #UGLYTRUTH-REALTALK with you right now?

Have you been wondering when it would be your turn to have success in the other areas of your life?

Have you been to a wedding, or to a business launch, and felt genuinely happy for the other person but also inwardly felt "When will it be my turn?"

Like you, I wanted more out of life and destiny. I didn't just want more, I wanted it all--Health, Wealth, Love & Happiness! I felt called to ministry, entrepreneurship, I wanted as much education possible and I wanted a passionate love with a God-given spouse and a warm, intimate family. Oh, and did I mention that I wanted my spouse to take me ballroom dancing?

People around me kept telling me that I couldn't have it all. When I read Proverbs 31 or 3 John 2, I kept seeing a different picture. I saw that God wanted me to prosper and be in health and He wanted the health and prosperity on the outside to mirror the inner health and prosperity I had on the inside. I determined to get it--ALL OF IT!

It wasn't easy, but I was tenacious and my life began to change QUICKLY.

   *I went from being single to married in 6 months

   *Moved to a different continent

   *Began working on a Masters then a Doctorate

   *Started a business

   *Started our Family

   *Deepened my walk with God

My husband even loved ballroom dancing and had taken numerous classes before even knowing that I existed? Yes! Our Heavenly Father is that good a matchmaker!

I'll never forget attending the wedding of one of these women, who stopped as she was walking down the aisle to whisper to me "You know, I am here today because of you!" The truth is, she was there because she was willing to implement the Destiny Strategies I'd shared with her and now I'd love to share them with you. 

Hi, I'm Amber

My passion is to help women take their destiny. I've helped many individuals to make pivotal shifts that helped them reach their individual goals in both their personal and professional lives.

I'm currently a doctoral candidate in the Organizational Studies Leadership program at Wright State University and I'm excited to share the secrets I've learned about moving from single to soulmate with you. 

These strategies are powerful and the results speak for themselves. I was a successful career woman who went from single to soulmate in 6 months and if you follow these steps you can too!

​* Destiny Strategist

​* Mentoring & Diversity Expert

* ​Entrepreneur

​* 100x Certified Coach

​​* MSLD (Masters in Leadership Development)

* Currently Writing ​​Dissertation for Doctorate - 

   Ed. D. Leadership (Organizational Studies)

​​* International Motivational Speaker 

​* Former Educator (High School & University)

​* Author​


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An outcast. A life of hardship. Will a young woman overcome suffering to play her part in God’s plan?

Ancient Land of Moab. Rua despises the Chief’s son who chose her to be his bride. Rejecting the haughty prince’s proposal, she flees his wrath to marry an outsider for love. But when their romance ends in a heartbreaking tragedy, she undertakes a risky pilgrimage to escort her mother-in-law to her homeland of Israel.

Along the dangerous trek through the desert, Rua uses the elder woman’s help to guide her to a fated connection with the Great Spirit. But if she has any chance of overcoming the powerful adversary who awaits her arrival, she’ll need every ounce of her unshakeable faith.

Battling impossible odds, can Rua find the strength to fulfill God’s calling? Would she ever find security and rest?

Destiny Survivor is a stirring Christian fiction retelling of the Biblical story of Ruth with a touch of personal development. If you like heartfelt stories of conviction, memorable characters, and tales that transform you, then you’ll love Amber Daniel’s inspirational book.

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amber's new book

"All I could say was OMG I could not put it down. It left me feeling like I need to do some deep research into the history of the women n the bible. I've read Ruth's story but never thought of the things shared in this book. Thanks for the inspiration!"


"This book is so good, I could not put it down! Amber Joy Daniel where were you hiding this? My life will never be the same."


"Finished reading the book in 4 days! Truly anointed and beautifully written. I felt the Lord speaking to me from the very cover page. There was a mix of emotions: tears, smiles and laughter. Father God has brought more healing to my heart through this book."


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